Space of Mind

with Studio Puisto Architects

Space of Mind interior
As we have all come to realize during these unprecedented times, we need a dedicated space to be able to think, concentrate and unwind – somewhere we can find our own peace of mind.
Space of Mind Guest house
Space of Mind gym edition

Space of Mind

‘Space of Mind’ is an independent, free-standing room that promises to do just that. It is an effortless complement to a backyard, urban courtyard, roof terrace or even the woods. As a concept, it ultimately seeks to re-envision what it means to leave our formal residences, creating a place to be away from home while still at home.

Due to its modular interior, ‘Space of Mind’ can suit a variety of different purposes. No matter whether it serves as a home office, gym, library, atelier or even guesthouse, it is meant to be a unique extension to our own homes, allowing us the freedom and flexibility to adjust the space to our everchanging needs.

Space of Mind interior
Space of Mind exterior

We do not always know what the future holds; therefore, ‘Space of Mind’ is designed according to circular principles to be easily adaptable to other functions in the future. Then, in the (unlikely) event that it has served its purpose and no longer needed, its individual components can be reused or upcycled to give the environment a piece of mind as well.

‘Space of Mind’ is a spatial experience with a modular interior created with Studio Puisto Architects and developed and produced with Protos Demos in Halikko, Finland.

Studio Puisto Architects

Established in 2014, Studio Puisto is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary architecture and urban development company with its speciality in the creation of unique spatial experiences. Across all of their projects, regardless of the scale, sustainability is at the forefront of the design process with the strong belief that timeless, valued design can come without cost to the environment.

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