with Michael Yarinsky

Sieni, meaning mushroom in Finnish, is a collection of furnishings for flexible use in the home, office, or hospitality setting. The forms in the series allude to fungal structures - stems, hypha, caps, and gills. We invite the pieces to take root in space and spread their atmosphere. Curiously soft and hard at the same moment, the pieces beg you to be handled. In working with American designers like Matthew Day Jackson and Michael Yarinsky, we hope to merge the traditional craft and heritage of Finnish furniture making with conceptual ideas of material, form, and atmosphere.
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Michael Yarinsky

Michael Yarinsky received his degrees in Architecture from Pratt Institute and has been practicing ever since. Prior to founding Office of Tangible Space, Michael worked for several years at Specht Architects in New York focusing on residential architecture and interiors and several years for Janson Goldstein with a focus on high-end retail, commercial, and residential clients globally.

His work has been has been published by Interior Design, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, T Magazine, Architect Magazine, Architect's Newspaper, Creator's Project, NY Mag, Sight Unseen, Design Milk, eVolo, and Paper Magazine. Aside from practice, Michael founded Cooler Gallery outside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, runs Design Field Trip with Jean Lee and Dylan Davis of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, and runs the seminar People in Places with Kelley Perumbeti, and was a co-founder of Design Advocates.

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