Choice Halikko Stools Oak Yellow Collection

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HALIKKO – Light, sleek and comfy furniture with a simple structure and obscurely quirky characteristics.
Based on a 35x35 mm structure in solid oak, Halikko draws a natural continuation of the exploratory work by Choice on straight-forward structures, and expressive graphic surface treatments.
Halikko draws its simple characteristics based on pure lines. Halikko is as pleasing to use at home as in collective spaces.

Download 3D Files of Halikko series (for architects)

Halikko Dining Chair, Oak Yellow

Halikko Stool, Oak Yellow

Halikko Bar Stool, Oak Yellow

Halikko Dining Chair, Oak

Halikko Bar Stool, Oak

Halikko Dining Chair, Oak Blue

Halikko Bar Stool, Oak Blue
Halikko Bar Chair, Oak Black