Wallpaper* Design Awards 2022: Life-Enhancer of the Year

A collaboration between Made by Choice, architects Studio Puisto and interiors manufacturer Protos Demos, Space of Mind is a contemporary modular Finnish cabin, light enough to transport and install even in the remotest locations. "Space of Mind is a modern cabin that acts as a dedicated space to think, recharge and unwind – somewhere we can find our own peace of mind."

Space of Mind exterior

"A clean, minimalist, contemporary design, the cabin is made as a mass timber construction using ecologically sourced Finnish wood. At just under 10 sq m, the compact space comes with its own custom furniture that attaches to the wooden structure. ‘As a concept, Space of Mind was initially developed in response to the ongoing pandemic,’ say the team. Yet it could be easily applicable to several post-pandemic scenarios, and would make the perfect atelier, yoga studio or guest bedroom.

Key features: a sustainable wooden cabin design with custom furniture, offering flexibility and that coveted extra space to breathe."


Space of Mind Guest house
Space of Mind interior