Airbnb x Made by Choice

Choice collaborated with Airbnb and Ps.Designconsultants to welcome you to the second chapter of the #CasaDArtista for the Italian Villages by Airbnb — a new Artist House in Lavenone, a unique location between the Italian mountains immersed in the province on Brescia, just a few steps from Lake Idro. A peculiar accommodation with stunning design features. Airbnb joined forces with the Italian curator Federica Sala, who chose Olimpia Zagnoli, a talented illustrator, and EligoStudio, an architectural firm based in Milan, for the renovation of CasaMaer. Special thanks to the partners who collaborated, Foscarini for the lights, Bitossi Home for the tableware, Diesel Living, Moroso for the bed, Ex.t for the bathroom, Smeg for the domestic appliances, Eligo for the armchairs and a vase, Karpeta for the carpet, Colè for the table, Koko Mosaico for the mosaic and Calce del Brenta for the lime. Photo: Piotr Niepsuj (@piotrniepsuj) Special thanks to EWT Agency

Airbnb Artists House With Airbnb Ps Lavenone Italy3