with Shane Schneck

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Punc is the abbreviation of punctuation it also the name of the chair.  Its architectural profile frames the user with a suspended seat.  Made of massive ash the chair is an exercise in carpentry techniques resulting in a solid cantileverd chair. The rigorous geometry is softend by the seat and back rest made of moulded plywood with comfort and ergonomy.   Punc can also be placed away on the table top for easy cleaning in contract or domestic spaces.  
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MBC 2020 pic Perttu Saksa B7087126
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Shane Schneck, Office for Design (OfD)

They work with people and companies who admire simplicity and innovation. The studio bridges the world of design and technology in a desire to challenge industry standards and discover new solutions to contemporary living. Be they a plywood chair or next generation mobile devices. Combining multiple experiences of living and working in Chicago, Shenzhen, Milano and currently Stockholm, Office for Design seeks to find a universality in objects that enliven the ordinary.

Office for Design was founded in 2010 by industrial designer Shane Schneck in Sweden. The studio since its opening has been honored by The Bruno Mathsson Foundation, Rum Designer of the Year, International Forum Hannover, Sveriges Arkitekter Guldstolen, and Japan Good Design Award.

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