Nordic Silence with Katrín Ólína

Madebychoice Nordicsilence 1
To balance our hectic daily lives we yearn for peace and serenity.

Icelandic industrial designer, Katrín Ólína's line of furniture in cork and wood was developed to explore the need for a quiet and defined space at work, in public spaces or in the home. The project was originally developed in collaboration with Sólir, yoga and health centre in Reykjavik and launched during DesignMarch 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The title, Nordic Silence, refers to the roaring silence that describes the wilderness of the Nordics and the silence within that is found through yoga. The collection comprises 4 objects made in cork and wood. Silent Tree, Silent Stool, Silent Stump and Silent Sun. Silent Tree, serves as a supporting element in the environment and can be used to divide the space and improve the acoustics in public spaces and meeting venues. “I’ve always been inspired by Trees. For this design, the concept was to move naturally, symbolically into the living space to create a functional, warm and supporting environment,” says Katrín Ólína. Silent Tree can stand on its own, or in a group. It can form a small forest to meet the need for peace and quiet. Other objects include a quiet Sun, which serves as an acoustic wall panel, a stool and a meditation seat.