Choice Ambient Halikko Lonna Collection

With roots in traditions of Finnish woodworks, Made by Choice is a new contemporary furniture company that fuses the spirit of the North with interdisciplinary creative practices.

Committed to produce durable, bold and innovative furniture designs at competitive prices, we combine contemporary woodworking methods and modern technology. Our products are developed and manufactured in our own factory in Salo, in the region of Southwest Finland, in a 1400 sq m. facility employing ten meticulous artisans.

Choice is inspired by heritage and Scandinavian urban lifestyle. We are driven to explore the boundaries of our discipline to create new narratives.

Choice was founded by Lasse Laine, Sebastian Jansson and Niclas Ahlström, based on the common vision and mutual values to create a global brand for the 21st century.

We collaborate with architects and interior designers on site specific projects to create new urban Scandinavian spaces.